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"Unicorn Wars" is indeed a 2022 Spanish-French adult animated splatter war film written and directed by Alberto Vázquez. The film is set in a world where teddy bears and unicorns are at war, and follows a group of war-hungry teddy bears as they journey from boot camp to the psychedelic terrors of the Magic Forest. The film is notable for its unique visual style, blending traditional animation techniques with elements of puppetry and stop-motion animation. It has been praised for its darkly beautiful imagery and its exploration of complex themes such as violence, trauma, and the human condition. War-hungry teddy bears journey from bootcamp to the psychedelic terrors of the Magic Forest in this darkly beautiful horror animation.

Source: SolarMovie

Genre: Comedy , Action , Animation

Director: Alberto Vázquez

Country: United States

Duration: 80 min

Quality: HD 720p


IMDb: 6.8