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"Saikyou Robot Daiouja" is a Japanese mecha anime series that premiered in 1995. The series follows the story of a young boy named Kouji who discovers a mysterious robot named Daiouja that has the power to transform into a powerful mecha. As Kouji and his friends learn to pilot Daiouja, they become embroiled in a conflict between two opposing forces who are fighting for control of the universe. The series features epic battles between giant robots and explores themes of friendship, loyalty, and heroism. Eden 1 rules over about 50 planets throughout the galaxy. With the aid of his two faithful retainers Duke Sukedo and Baron Kakusu, Prince Mito decides to undertake a royal inspection tour of the planets undercover. However, the empire is a dangerous place and is plagued with vice feudal lords and corrupt space merchants, as well as other evil people. Using the royal f...

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