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"Hana no Mahoutsukai Mary Bell," also known as "Flower Witch Mary Bell," is a Japanese magical girl anime series that aired in 1992. The series follows the adventures of Mary Bell, a young witch who uses her magical powers to help people in need. In each episode, Mary Bell and her companion, a rabbit named Ken, encounter people who are struggling with various problems, such as loneliness, heartbreak, and illness. With her cheerful personality and magical abilities, Mary Bell is able to help these people find happiness and overcome their difficulties. Mary Bell, a magical girl who looks around five years old, comes to the Human World from a magical world called the "Flower Magic World." Using her Flower Magic she helps and encourages people. The story starts with two children, Yuuri and Ken, who are reading a fairy tale about Mary Bell finding two children who are lost in the woods, and helps them find home. Yuuri...

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Duration: 45 min

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IMDb: 7